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Dayspring is a non-profit, faith-based agency providing pregnancy and parenting support counselling, and adoption referrals to clients of all ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations and walks of life. 

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dayspring pregnancy and family support centre
About us

Three Decades of Compassionate Support.

Dayspring Pregnancy and Family Support Centre has been serving families in Oxford County for over 30 years. Formerly known as Beginnings Family Services – Pregnancy Care Centre, the Centre was founded in 1991 as a response to the lack of resources for expectant mothers and unplanned pregnancies, expanding its scope to include fathers and extended families.

In 2024, it transitioned to Dayspring Pregnancy & Family Support Centre while continuing to provide essential support to expectant parents and families in need.


How We Can help

dayspring pregnancy and family support centre pregnancy support


If you think you may be pregnant, we offer free pregnancy tests and someone to talk to in a safe, confidential environment. Walk-ins welcome.

dayspring pregnancy and family support centre parenting support


We offer a variety of educational and supportive programming to help our clients as they navigate the joys and challenges of parenting.


Dayspring offers free adoption referrals to expecting parents who may want to explore an open adoption. Birth parent counsellors can offer information and support with no obligation to choose adoption.

The Benefits of Participating in Dayspring Programs

Free Programs for Expecting and New Parents

Offering FREE caring, compassionate and informative programs to help build confidence throughout pregnancy and the early years of childhood.

Benefit #1

Preparation and readiness for baby's arrival

Benefit #2

Develop skills to create a strong family foundation to grow on

Benefit #3

Learn and engage positive parenting practices to strengthen your family.

dayspring pregnancy and family support centre
dayspring pregnancy and family support centre
dayspring pregnancy and family support centre
dayspring programs fatherhood 101
dayspring pregnancy and family support centre
dayspring pregnancy and family support centre

Join our community and meet others.

Mom's Group

Moms Group is a facilitator run peer support group. Expectant moms, and moms with children aged 0-5 meet weekly to share the joys and struggles of parenting, while learning valuable parenting information.

Nurturing Parenting

Build your parenting toolbox with positive parenting practices that will nurture your family!

Baby Brunch

Participants complete a meal prep together, which is then taken home by each individual to be cooked and shared with their family!

Group Prenatal Classes

Expecting? Sign up for our group prenatal session and learn about your developing baby, what to expect in labour and delivery, and what life is like with a new baby!

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Those That Support Us

We are thankful for our local partners that support our work in Oxford County.

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