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Thank you for your interest. We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you get some answers. If you have any other questions about Dayspring and our services, please feel free to reach out!

The process

Discovering you are pregnant, especially if unplanned, may leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, alone or worried. You may feel pressure to make decisions quickly but there are no easy answers with an unplanned pregnancy. Taking the time to explore all your options will empower you to make the best informed plan.
Dayspring is a safe, caring place where you can do just that. We offer support counselling to help you through this emotional time.

All of Dayspring’s services and programs are provided free of charge to those who are in need of our support.

We encourage you to call or set up an appointment so we can ensure our Client Resource Worker is available for you, however, walk – ins are also welcome.

Dayspring is not a medical facility. Only a licensed physician is qualified to diagnose pregnancy and to advise you regarding any medical procedures. We work closely with family physicians, our local Public Health Unit, and Community Health Centre so we can make referrals for pregnancy-related medical support and information when needed.

Abortion, parenting, or adoption all have varied implications over your lifetime. We will help you explore options in a compassionate, safe and caring place. Dayspring offers informative and unprejudiced counselling services, but does not make referrals for abortions. Continued care is offered to you, regardless of the pregnancy outcome.

Our programs and services are focused on support, education, and building community connections for clients from early pregnancy, through postpartum, and in the early years of parenting.

We offer the following programs:

  • Prenatal classes and support
  • Parenting and family support programs
  • Life skills
  • Baby Smarts – Healthy Relationship Program

Dayspring offers adoption referrals to expecting parents who may decide to make an adoption plan for their baby. A licensed adoption agency will be contacted so a birth parent counsellor can offer further support and guidance to the expecting parent(s) during this process.

The Care Closet is a free service that provides emergency baby supplies and material support such as diapers, formula, baby food and toiletries, and gently used maternity or children’s clothing (0-6 years) to help you get back on your feet. In this respect, the Care Closet is meant to provide temporary material assistance to families experiencing crisis or a challenging time and is not meant to be a regular allocation. Please note the items we have in our Care Closet are based on community donations so available supplies may vary.

We believe that education is key to building a strong family. Every time you attend any of our prenatal classes or group programs you earn one “Baby Buck” card (equivalent to five Baby Bucks) which can be saved or used towards redeeming NEW items or outfits, larger amounts of diapers or baby supplies, or toys that are found in our Care Closet.

Dayspring is a client-centred organization and is committed to a non-political approach. Clients are supported in exploring their own pros and cons and we strive to create a safe and neutral place for this processing to take place. We adhere to the right to respect and autonomy in decision making. Clients have a right to self-determination
and whatever choices they make; we want them to know that we are here should they need support.

For Donors

Yes, Dayspring is a non-profit charitable organization, incorporated and governed by a Board of Directors, with registered charitable status (CRA Charitable Reg. No. 72767 3808 RR0001)

Yes, Dayspring directly issues tax receipts to donors. Tax receipts are issued in February of the following calendar year before tax season.

We are generously funded by individuals, churches, businesses and foundations who believe in the value of building strong families by offering care and support without added financial burden.

Give someone a helping hand.

When you make a donation, you are supporting our organization so we can lend a hand to someone in need.