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dayspring pregnancy and family support centre

How it all started for Dayspring

Dayspring Pregnancy and Family Support Centre (formerly known as Beginnings Family Services – Pregnancy Care Centre Woodstock) was established in 1991 under Beginnings Family Services and has been serving the community of Oxford County for the past 32 years. The Centre was formed by a group of local citizens, social workers, and theologians who gathered to discuss the lack of resources available for expectant mothers and those facing an unplanned pregnancy. As Christians, they felt called to provide more compassionate services for those in need, while ensuring this was done in accordance with professional and legislative guidelines. Their vision was child-centred, beginning with how to best help pregnant women, and then widening to include fathers and extended families.

Our Growth.

For over 30 years, the Care Centre has been a safe haven for families to receive supplies of clothing, diapers and formula, as well as resources for pregnancy, parenting support and community referrals.

In 2021, the decision was made by the Beginnings Family Services Board to transition the work of the Care Centre to its respective community with the belief that the Woodstock / Oxford County area could be better served with a local and autonomous governing body. As a result, the Care Centre Advisory Committee and staff began working towards becoming an independent organization and Dayspring Pregnancy & Family Support Centre was incorporated in 2022. While we may carry a different name, our mandate and approach towards expectant parents, their children, and families in need of pregnancy, parenting or adoption support remains the same.

dayspring growth
Working together, we strive to build stronger families by providing compassionate pregnancy, parenting, and adoption support because life is a precious gift from God.
Dayspring is child centred, dedicated to building and supporting healthy family relationships. Dayspring offers quality, unprejudiced services to everyone and does not participate in political action.


Our faith motivates our actions to love unconditionally and serve others, regardless of one’s belief, status, or background


We believe that family is the fundamental unit of society and the foundation from which we grow


We are committed to conducting ourselves in a trustworthy manner; both in service to our clients and in stewardship of the resources that our donors have entrusted to us.


We recognize that relationships are a vital part of success and work diligently to build strong relationships with our clients; celebrating their successes, empathizing with their struggles, and supporting them as they navigate raising their family.


Our commitment is to lovingly serve the families in Oxford County through our free programs, services and community referrals, ensuring parents have ongoing education and support to provide a safe and loving environment for their child with the desire that no family is left behind.


We understand the importance and benefits of collaboration, therefore, we work with volunteers, donors, churches and many community partners to allow us to provide the best possible support to the families we serve.

Give someone a helping hand.

When you make a donation, you are supporting our organization so we can lend a hand to someone in need.